• 1 ’13 Mitsubishi MVR2400 Wire 24x16
  • 1 ’12 Mitsubishi FA-20S Advanced Wire 20x14
  • 1 ’06 Mitsubishi FA-20S Wire 20x14
  • 1 ’05 Mitsubishi FA-20S Wire 20x14
  • 1 ’01 Mitsubishi FA-20 Wire 20x14
  • 5 Mitsui Surface Grinders 6-12
  • 1 Mitsui Surface Grinder 6-18
  • 1 Okamoto Surface Grinders 12-24
  • 2 Okamoto Surface Grinder 16-32
  • 1 Mazak NEXUS 510C 42 x 20 with Integrated Multi Pallet System
  • 1 Mazak VTC Machining Center44 x 20 travels
  • 1 Mazak VTC Machining Center 30 x 65 travel
  • 1 Ikeda Radial Drill
  • 3 Series I Vertical Bridgeport Mills
  • 1 15” LaBlonde Lathe
  • 2 Clausing Drill Presses
  • 1 14” Comparator
  • 1 Belmont CNC EDM Drill
  • 1 Rouselle Punch Press (300 Ton)
  • 1 `2013 Seyi straight side [110tons]
  • Solid Works 2015 with 3D Quick Press
  • AutoCAD 2015 Design Software with Die maker
  • AutoCAD Inventor Series 11 – including Mechanical Desktop
  • Solutionwear Master CAM 5.1
  • Esprit 2015 EDM CAM with 4 axis and solid programming

Machining Capabilities

Software Capabilities

We are experienced with materials including: Tool steels (A2, D2, S7, M2, CPM M4, CPM 10V), Carbide (Grinding, and Wire EDM), Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Titanium, and many more.

Wire EDM Services

Our Wire EDM department was specially designed for optimum performance and repeatability in mind. Environmentally controlled within 1 degree, our five Mitsubishi wire EDM machines are capable of running .004 diameter wire and able to hold 2 millionths position accuracy time and again. With Mitsubishi's new Fine Machining power supply, we can produce a 4-6 mircon surface finish.


Our Mitsubishi Series machines provide these services:

  • 4-Axis capabilities
  • 27 degree (max) taper
  • Surface finish 4-6 RA
  • .0001 tolerance

Tool Steel




Cutting Punch

CNC Machining

The pallet changing system allows our machines to be more flexible and efficient in the die making process. One machine takes the place of two previous machines due to increased "spindle ON" time as well as increased "lights out machining". This allows Dies Plus to have more productivity with less resources and not compromising overall flexibility.

48 tool changer on Mazak Nexus for optimum productivity

Aluminum die set

  • 3D Machining with Master Cam Software. (picture)
  • Close tolerance high speed machining.
    - Long and short production machining.
    - One time specialty machining.
  • 1 2016 Nexus 530C
  • 1 Mazak VTC-20B 44 x 20
  • 1 Mazak VTC-300C - 65 x 30 Travel

Pictured Left to right: 3D machined gusset form, Tool steel machining for metal stamping die, and Custom Engraving

Precision Grinding

Precision grinding of stamping die components with Mitsui and Okamoto Surface grinders. Sizes up to 16x32 inches.

Grinding Hardened Tool Steel

Okamoto Precision Surface Grinders

Die tryout in one of our presses with full feed lines. Parts will be developed to the print dimensions and tolerances. Tooling will be running under power before we ship to your facility.

Die Tryout & Development

Progressive metal stamping die for the turbine industry.

Strips from metal stamping dies made by Dies Plus

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